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It’s Black Friday week, so what fabulous discount offers do Agora Models have lined up?

Well, here’s the thing…

Over the last year, Agora has created the most wonderful community of like-minded modelling enthusiasts. The feedback we’ve had from many of you has been beyond our wildest dreams, and we are delighted. Our mission is to continue to get to know you, support you, and bring you all the models you would like to build. We therefore truly believe that it is you, our existing happy customers who we should reward.

So, you won’t be seeing Agora Models offering new customers the most unbelievable discounts on our models for the Black Friday event. We can’t imagine that this would make any of you, who have been loyal customers over the last year, very happy to see a model you’ve recently bought being heavily discounted. We would much rather reward you!

What are your Agora Rewards?

  • A free Super Snake hard back book – but only if you are already a customer of the Super Snake model kit. (We’re busy writing one for the Cobra modellers!).
  • Rather than a Black Friday discount on our Pack 1s, we will give them away free – as soon as you have completed your current kit.
  • 5% discount on everything for our most loyal Agora Elite customers.

…and these are all year, not just Black Friday.

We promise never to disadvantage our existing customers. If we do have any Black Friday offers, it will be on a new, unlaunched model, so everyone can join in the fun.

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