The Terminator T-800 Accelerated Starter (Packs 1-4)(Euro)

£325.00 für 1 Monat

Then 119,99 € for 8 months


Get Terminating faster!
Your first 4 packs only 375 €
(saving 41,99 €)

Accelerate your build by buying the first 4 packs of the 12-month subscription all in one go. We will immediately send you packs 1 – 4, then send the remaining 8 packs to you monthly.

1:2 scale model of this classic movie hunter–killer cyborg. 

Officially licensed product.

The model stands at over 3 ft tall on a purpose built base which is included in the collection and weighs approximately 13 lbs (6 kg approx.)

The T-800 is constructed using precision-engineered components and accompanied by very detailed building instructions.

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Skynet’s most lethal weapon, resistant to almost any form of attack, from brute force to firearms, flames and explosives.

The futuristic nightmare of a young director, James Cameron, became one of the most famous stories in the history of cinema.

Premiered in 1984, The Terminator revolutionized science fiction and horror cinema with an apocalyptic vision of the future that showed the dark side of technology and artificial intelligence.

Your Model

Build this exclusive and officially licensed 1:2 scale (half-size!) model of one of the most iconic creations from the movies. The bodywork is made from die-cast metal and high-precision ABS.

  • Remote controlled jaw
  • Articulated joints
  • Illuminated, red eyes that can be moved using the remote control
  • Sound effects, including theme tune from the base
  • Lighting built into the base

Your model is displayed on an impressive base with a post-apocalyptic design and lighting to enhance the atmospheric and menacing cyborg, providing the perfect setting to exhibit your T-800 Endoskeleton in different positions.

No painting is required as all parts come fully painted.

Your model comes in over 650 quality parts with in-depth build instructions that are also free to download from us at any time.

Initial payment of 375 € followed by 119,99 € per month. This is a monthly installment plan over 8 months. To get you started, your first pack will inch will send you Packs 1-4. Following this, you will be sent a pack containing new model parts, and a 48 page model guide, every month for 8 months; your card will be charged monthly.

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Gewicht 6 kg
Größe 150 × 150 × 950 mm