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Did you know you have complete control over how many and how often you get your Agora Packs? Provided we have actually put the parts into production and they physically exist, you can structure your deliveries to match the time you have available to build.

So, if one Pack each month suits your busy schedule, that’s fine. We’ll stick to that.


Agora model kit speed up

Perhaps you prefer to get stuck in and make some significant progress before slowing things down to a steady pace. Then, why not order 2, 4 or 6 Packs together (Accelerated Starters are great for this), and then slow down to a monthly schedule to prolong the satisfaction of your build…

Agora model kits

Or, maybe you’re the type who just can’t wait – order all 12 Packs together, then dive into the world of model building and only resurface when every last lug and screw is in perfect alignment, and your model, and you, sit triumphant in your marathon achievement! The Shelby Super Snake will be ready to dispatch as a full kit early in December. 

Agora Model kit speed up

Maybe you have some holiday time planned? Why not order a few extra Packs to fill those rainy days when your fingers are too fidgety for box sets.

You can experiment with any combination of Single Pack and/or Accelerated Starter and with any model.


Agora Model kit


The ultimate indulgence

We can arrange for a delivery of one Pack every week across all the models of your choice to really get you from week to week in the knowledge that you’ll always have a little moment of modelling awaiting you.

You tell us what suits you, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

All billing and payments will also change to reflect your new schedule.

Of course, life isn’t always predictable. If you need to slow down or skip a month, that’s OK too. Just contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help you out.

That’s part of the Agora Advantage: we’re more than just a model: we’re a way of life!


Current Availability

Agora schedule November
Every month, we’ll update our newsletter with up-to-date availability across all our products so you can plan your orders to suit you.

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