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You might find you’re not too busy after all.

It’s a common belief for many that they simply don’t have the time for hobbies. After all, nowadays, we have a sense of feeling overwhelmingly busy. Between running the children and grandchildren around, keeping up with house maintenance, staying on top of household admin, how can there be time for anything else? 

However, some psychologists argue that “I’m too busy” has become a badge of honor, a sign of virtue and importance. They suggest the reality is that “work expands so as to fill the time available for completion.” If you therefore had a hobby to engage with, your work projects would be completed much more quickly. The argument is therefore that hobbies can actually create more time by encouraging efficiency.

Having a hobby you love, whatever form it takes, can bring so many benefits – some of which may even take you quite by surprise. 

So, here’s why you should give model-making a go:

1. Model-making can be surprisingly social

There are thousands of model-makers out there! And there is nothing that they enjoy more than sharing their passions and forming new, meaningful friendships with like-minded friends.

2. It’s a mindful activity that promotes a sense of calm and peace

Engaging and focusing your mind in a challenging activity can have therapeutic effects. We often hear about the benefits of focusing the mind in the present in relation to mindfulness. Well, model-making can also do just that. Time flies and wandering thoughts can waft in and out as you become fully immersed in the detail of your creation. Just as crafts such as knitting can provide relief for fidgety hands, modeling can be considered to have similar stress reducing, soothing, therapeutic effects.

Looking Bored
3. Building a model encourages a sense of achievement and therefore helps manage stress.

We all experience negative stress in our daily lives, where others may judge us, make negative comments or cause us to feel inadequate. Nobody can take away the successful model-making you. You are building it, creating it, you’re in control. You might have had an ‘off’ day elsewhere in your life, but, going back to a constant reward – you and your growing model – can provide a wonderful sense of achievement. 

4. Achievement makes you feel positive about the rest of your life. 

It’s easy to go from day-to-day with that nagging sense of ‘could be doing more/better’, without actually knowing how to start. It’s an intrusive negative thought that can spiral downwards. Starting something new, that involves creativity, dexterity, a bit of research, without having to join a physical club or even leave the house, can be the first step towards a ‘better you’. As the saying goes, great leaps are made by taking small steps. Creating an incredible piece of mechanics and engineering of your own, by piecing together an easy-to-follow sequence of small parts, is a great way to make your own great leap – towards positive thought, feelings of satisfaction, and achievement.

mindfulness in modelling
5. Starting a new hobby gives you something to talk about.

The models we produce are, quite simply, beautiful. We take huge pride in the models we select for our range, and in the quality and minute detail in which they are reproduced. From the initial 3D laser scan to the final casting using the finest quality materials, every stage of production is refined and inspected by our highly skilled team. The result is an accurate scale replica, faithful in every detail to the original model. You will own some of the world’s most legendary pieces of engineering. They may be an eighth of the full-size version, but it will be the next best thing to owning your own original. Building a scale replica of a stunning original design, showing it off to friends, family and colleagues, sharing your model-making expertise, will not only make you feel inspired, but you’ll inspire others as well!

6. A new interest might even strengthen your relationship with a partner. 

Having your own interest allows your partner to legitimately engage in their own interests. Don’t we often feel guilty if we leave our partners to go and pursue our own interests? Having a hobby ‘on-the-go’ relieves both of you from that partner trap! 


  • Rob. Smith says:

    I used to build heaps of model cars. Got into the detailing on a quality scale.. ( oily gearboxes, rusty suspension etc. ) But I found another hobby to keep me happy and poor. I built my own Cobra 427 replica. It scares me every time I drive it. That’s value. This model is very nice. BUT. The money I would spend on this could go toward a Stack-8 injection system for my own Cobra. I love to watch this site and see what’s going on. Good luck and enjoy to all those that are building your model.

  • Iain McMurtrie says:

    Hi I would like to see a 1:18 SCALE Aston Martin DBS or AM V8 from the late 1960s to 1970s when those cars were still hand built at Newport Pagnel. possibly the great Oscar India or the powerful AM Vantage. these would make great models of some of the MUSTANGS GREATEst rivals.
    Rgds. Iain McMurtrie.
    All time Aston Martin fan from the age of 5, nbow 60 and still a fan of these wonderful cars.

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