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In 2009, I was one of two co-founders of an exciting new idea which came to be known as ModelSpace. What started off as a way in which to acquire museum-quality models at affordable prices, would go on to become one of the world’s biggest modeling hobby sites. 

Ten years on, I decided to go back to my original roots and ethos to start a brand-new, high-end modeling company.  I’ve partnered up with some of the leading people in the industry from around the world to bring you Agora Models. 

model making

Many people earn a great deal of money to come up with mission statements, marketing strategies and the latest buzzwords, however, I didn’t need to spend a cent to come up with what Agora Models means to me:

  • Great quality models
  • The best customer services
  • Positive engagement with our customers.

You can read my blog on our actual design and production process, but needless to say, here at Agora we are upping the ante on the production process. We 3D scan the original vehicles using cutting-edge laser technology to create intricate computer models. These are then inspected by the source company (e.g. Shelby American, Inc. checked and approved our Super Snake). It takes us four months of detailed work to get to this stage. Another two months to create the precision molds required (there could end up being 200 molds per model, some weighing over a ton!). After six months of research and development, plus several hundred thousands of dollars spent, only then are we ready to start production.

Agora Mustang Body Artwork

Making fantastic models is only half the picture. I’ve loads of great ideas that will be coming online. Not just some amazing models but also ideas on how to create a business with much more involvement and engagement from you, the customer. We will be setting up events so you can actually come and meet us! We want to work with you to produce the very best models; let’s decide what models we want and create them together! 

And not only that, we will not be ‘test-marketing’ products only to stop them after a few months. When a model appears on the Agora website then I am committed to seeing it through to the end. We only sell products once we have started full production. Similarly, we won’t be selling products where we are out of stock or know of stock problems ‘down-the-line’. If we don’t have it, we won’t sell it! If there is some sort of disaster like a ship sinking or a warehouse burning down, then we’ll tell you and keep you updated on what’s going on and how we are trying to resolve things.

There is a great pipeline of products following our first model, the 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake. We have some amazingly beautiful cars, classic planes and iconic military vehicles on the way!

I’m online and on our forum so please chat to me and tell me your thoughts – I want Agora to be a truly inclusive and transparent company.

Liam White



  • Sean Main says:

    This is great news! I have bought many kits from Model-Space. I spent the day building the Valentino Rossi 1/4 bike. However, like you mention in your statement, they have not shipped anything since August and not one word to explain why or when they would resume. I am pretty angry. However, I only build 1/8 scale race/performance cars.

    So your company is very interesting to me, as I live in the US and all the cool stuff in sold in Europe, ie, the F40LM, the Ferrari GTO, The Veryon, etc. If your cars interest me, I will always buy at least one, maybe two. Please keep me on your mailing list. I am an above average builder and an avid 1/8 collector. I am donating most of my collection to a museum in the next few months due to its size, but I will continue to build more. I am currently buying the Ford GT40, which just came out. I am getting two of those. I may pass on your first offering as I am not that into that particular car. I am into competition cars. But I saw a piece on YouTube and the quality looks outstanding.

    Best of luck.


  • Lawrence Goodknight says:

    I am glad to see another option for U.S. builders. I am currently doing ( or should I say trying to do, if I get the parts) 5 part builds from 2 other companies. All but 1 of these builds has had out of stock/ back-order or shipping issues from these 2 companies. I am signed up for the Shelby and if all goes well with it will most likely do the T-800 as well. Looking forward to what you have coming up also. I hope you are able to maintain a trouble free experience for your customers. If so I will be a long term one. Best wishes for this new business.

  • Chris Lepore says:

    Dear Mr.White,
    I have a challenge for you! No one has ever made an accurate model of the most famous and beautiful electric locomotive in history, The Pennsylvania Railroad GG1. Many have tried, Kohs&Co has come really close in 1:48 scale. I would like to see finally a truly accurate model of the GG1 in a large scale, preferably in 1:29 scale. Many examples have been saved, especially in Harrisburg, Pa. train station, it could be 3D scanned there.
    Are you up for it?

  • Rick Gregory says:

    I never knew until recently that such a modeling company existed. Growing up my dad taught me how to have patience, and what comes out of taking your time to do a good job by introducing me to model building – tall historical ships was what I mostly built from the Revel model company. Then I progressed to wood models.
    I came across your site by viewing some YouTube videos coming across a guy who was building the USS Enterprise – D from Star Trek; but it was his “Build the DeLorean” from Back to the Future that caught my eye. After watching about 10 to 15 of his videos to get an idea of the entire concept, I signed up to get the kit.
    Then he started building the Battleship Bismarck. I immediately signed up from your site and started building the ship using the YouTube vides as a helping guide. His videos really inspired me. The more I watched, the more I wanted to build the ship.
    The details of the ship. The easy to follow instructions. The high quality and the customer service is suburb!
    I have no idea where I’ll display the ship once its completed; maybe I’ll follow the lead of another customer who posted he was donating his models to a museum. Regardless – for me its the thrill of model building; and building high end diecast models at an affordable monthly subscription is brilliant! What a concept!
    Keep up the good work.
    I only have 1 suggestion: When it comes to ship building; add wooden decks.

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