Routemaster – Kit complet (soit 12 boîtes)


Les 12 boîtes en une seule fois !

Inutile d’attendre.
Achetez le kit entier.

UGS : RM857-Full Catégorie :


Routemaster RM 857

Built in July 1961, it was allocated to Stamford Hill garage, and replaced trolleybuses on routes 67 and 243 and night bus N83. As well as stints at other garages, it was also employed as a training vehicle. Withdrawn from service in December 1984, it has since been used as a mobile home and as transport for Vespa motor scooters and is now exhibited at bus shows.

This classic bus is forever an icon of London.

Your Model

A fully detailed 1:12 scale replica model of RM 857 as it appeared in 1966. This metal model kit is made from the highest quality materials with many functioning parts. As with all our our big-scale models, RM 857 has extraordinary details such as lights, sounds and even windows that slide up and down. The model is made from die-cast metal and ABS and comes already spray painted so no painting is required.

Your model comes in approximately 500 quality parts with in-depth build instructions that are free to download from us at any time.

Vous recevrez les 12 boîtes de cette maquette en une seule expédition.

Ceci n’est pas un jouet. Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans en raison de la présence de petites pièces. La supervision d’un adulte est nécessaire.
ATTENTION: l’assemblage de certaines pièces se fait au moyen d’aimants. Ces aimants peuvent blesser grièvement si on les avale. À tenir hors de portée des enfants. Consultez un médecin immédiatement en cas d’ingestion même suspectée.


Informations complémentaires

Poids 14 kg

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