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Display Cases

Now you’ve finished your model… make it look spectacular

Our top-quality display cases come with a velvety matt-black finish, painted wooden base with strong acrylic sides and lid that don’t bend, warp or distort. Delivered flat-packed, they are very easy to assemble without screws, and give a pleasingly smooth, machine-engineered finish at each corner joint.
Cases are guaranteed to fit Agora Model’s, 1:8 scale cars, but they also beautifully showcase many other 1:8 model kits*

*please check dimensions before ordering.

Model Car Display Case

The display case base is made from solid wood that comes in one single piece, painted in a matt-black, velvety finish.
The acrylic cover is designed to be safer than glass and protects your model from UV light. Corners and edges are precision cut to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.
The cover comes in five separate pieces, easily assembled by slotting them into place (no tools required).

External Dimensions

Base length: 740 mm (29 1/8”)
Base width: 425 mm (16 3/4”)
Total height: 340 mm (13 3/8”)
Total weight: 11 kg (24 1/2 lbs)

Internal Dimensions

Available length: 690 mm (27 5/32”)
Available width: 375 mm (14 3/4”)
Available height: 310 mm (12 3/16”)

This display case fits all of the current range of Agora Models 1:8 scale cars, plus other cars of a similar scale (please check dimensions above).
Cases will also fit the plinth supplied with the Shelby Cobra Limited Edition and the Jaguar E-type Silver Edition.


Display cases are easy to assemble and provide a satisfying finish.

Watch the video to see how:

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