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Welcome to my Channel. Welcome to my World. The World of Wayne. Come and join me as I build many scale models from great publishers like DeAgostini, ModelSpace, Eaglemoss, Hero Collector and Hachette Partworks. From a working DeLorean to the iconic R2-D2 and C-3PO. There is something for everyone here.

Our mission is to provide affordable fixes\ upgrades\ mods to the partwork build community.
We’ve found that some partwork builds need that little extra; a printed part, a decal, sound… a prop maybe… all of which help your final goal of having a screen-accurate\ authentic partwork build.

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Hello! I’m Mike Lane. I create high-quality, hand-crafted mods and accessories for partwork and large-scale models from companies such as Agora, Eaglemoss, Hero Collector, DeAgostini and Hot Toys. I personally design, test and hand-make each piece, with painstaking research on every detail to ensure maximum accuracy and perfection in all my upgrades. My mission? To help make your model a supermodel.

Model Modz offers modifications for models of all types including those you see on our shop, we can tailor products to your individual needs. Everything you see in the shop is unique and personal, and if there is something you need, and we don’t have it, I’m sure we can help you.
We are currently building the Terminator, DeLorean, Ecto1, Knightrider KITT, Iron Man, USS Enterprise, Willys Jeep, Routemaster, Eleanor, and many more.

Hello from an obsessive modeller. I’ve been modelling almost before I could walk! I started building partworks in 2003 with the Build The Titanic series, and have never stopped. In addition to partworks, I’m also an avid builder of conventional boxed kits from the likes of Tamiya, Meng, Model Factory Hiro, etc. I own The Partwork Model Forum which caters for builders of all partworks and boxed kits and has some very helpful members.

Hi everyone I’ve been involved with build the classic Routemaster bus 1/12 scale ever since it was first published in January 2018 both me and my wife have built three of them and modified two of these fabulous buses by painting them into different livery’s for our own personal collection, I am a lifelong bus enthusiast a model bus collector and an ex vintage bus owner and an ex PSV driver, when I first heard about this lovely model which was about a year before production I just knew that I had to have one, wow this model certainly lived up to its name its level of detail it’s dominance over other available models its 1/12 scale and its beautifully painted panels and of course its name Routemaster it’s an icon of London and known worldwide, this model is second to none and would enhance anyone’s collection a real talking point an interesting model to build and once built it has the wow factor and is a perfect Lamont to the bus that lasted over 60 years on the road, I started a Facebook group for like-minded modellers and enthusiasts and it really is being like part of a family within the group there’s many members that have modified their Routemaster and many that are just happy with an out of the package build, there’s always lots of help available in the group and of course links to other connections via YouTube /Facebook groups and specialists who could help take your build to the next level and much more.

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Welcome. Scale War Machines is a celebration of all things modelling and I specialise in military subjects and figures, along with occasional dioramas and product reviews. My special focus is on painting techniques and weathering and a few automotive subjects have featured on the You Tube channel. I hope you enjoy it.

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OliGo Models is new to the partwork upgrade/mod scene and is here to provide great quality products at affordable prices, be it a stand to build your Zero/Spitfire on to wheel chocks to stop your Shelby Cobra from rolling off the shelf.
We are currently building the A6M Zero, Spitfire mk1a and USS Enterprise and always on the look out for new builds to do.

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Hello Model Builders How are you? My name is Alex, “AlexModeling” and this is my “little corner” of AGORA MODELS. I like to build, planes, armour, and ship models.
Model building for me is not only a hobby but also a passion.
Welcome to my little space, i hope you like it!

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Thunderbird 2

Willkommen auf meinem YouTubekanal sowie auf meiner Facebookseite.
Ich möchte euch an meinem Hobby den Modellbau teilhaben lassen.
Es werden Schiffsmodellbau gezeigt sowie verschiedene Partworks.

Schaut doch mal vorbei , ich danke euch.

Gruß Mario

Willkommen auf meiner Seite…
Diese möchte ich nutzen, um euch meine verschiedenste Modellbau Aktivitäten zu Zeigen.
Es werden Hauptsächlich Modelle aus Sammelserien von diversen Herstellern wie
Hachette Deagostini AgoraModels Eaglemoss und weitere gezeigt.
Von Schiffen aus Holz bis zu den aktuellen Schraubmodellen wird alles dabei sein..
Euer Thorsten

Somos un Club de Coleccionistas, informamos sobre novedades de coleccionables de editorial y autos a escala.
Subimos reviews de libros,autos a escala 1/43 1/48 y 1/64. Además de realizamos tutoriales sobre armados de varios modelos a escala 1/8. Subimos contenido de: Salvat, Planeta Deagostini, Hot Wheels y Wizkids.

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Scale Model Building, Reviews, Tools, Books and Kits. *** Scale Model Kit Review, the popular scale modeling channel dedicated to bringing you scale model kit reviews, plastic kits, resin kits, photo-etch details, book reviews, decals and historical videos.
I live in the United States and I’ve been building and collecting scale models for over 45 years, you can find some of my model builds on & here on this channel. I’m a member of IPMS USA. Our current sponsor is MMP Books, Eaglemoss, and Agora Models. Most of the model kit reviews are funded by me.

ModelChili Scale Models builds scale models of all shapes and sizes, with a main focus on science fiction and military models, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I run a family of large-scale partwork build up sites, including products from Agora, Eaglemoss, DeAgostini, and Hachette. These were created to share my experiences building these models.

Bienvenue sur ma chaîne, Thierry59Modélismes et Bienvenue dans mon monde de la maquettes 1/8ème et aussi dans les miniatures.
Déjà 3 ans que ma chaîne existe maintenant, et que je me passionne pour les maquettes 1/8ème, pour des grands éditeurs comme : Altaya, Altaya Model Space, Eaglemoss, Hachette Collections, Ixo Collections, et pour finir Agora Models depuis peu, et aussi entre temps, je me aussi passionné aussi dans le mondes des miniatures à l’échelles: 1/18, 1/24,1/32, 1/43, 1/64 sur divers marque de fabricants . Voilà mon histoire, alors rejoignez-moi très vite dans mon monde, pour créer de nombreux modèles réduits des grands éditeurs, et aussi pour découvrir mes miniatures. Cordialement à tous .

Bonjour, je me présente, Mario13 influencer sur Youtube je partage ma passion pour les montages maquettes 1/8eme Altaya, Eaglemoss, Hachette Collections, Ixocollections et Agora Models , je suis également très présent sur Facebook en créant des groupes de maquettes en lien avec mes montages dans le but de rassembler une communauté de fans de modélisme,
Venez donc me rejoindre sur mes nombreux groupes de partage et d’entraide de nos modèles préférés ainsi que sur ma chaîne Youtube
Portez-vous bien et que vive notre passion pour le modélisme

Bonjour à tous, je m’appelle Fabrice.
On me connaît sur Facebook (Fab Groupe) car j'ai été l'un des premiers à créer des groupes pour aider le maximum de personnes. Cela fait plusieurs années que je me passionne pour les maquettes.
J’aime l’idée de pouvoir aider les autres modélistes dans l’avancement de leur maquette et trouver des astuces pour les améliorer si besoin grace mon groupe Fab Groupe Modélisme.
Rejoignez-moi sur les groupes d’aide pour construire de nombreux modèles réduits de grands éditeurs tels que
Agora Models, DeAgostini, Altaya, Hachette, Alteys, Metalkitor etc...
Passionné dans les mondes des maquettes en tous genres à l’échelle : 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/18, 1/ 24, 1/ 32, et plus.
Retrouvez-moi sur ma chaîne YouTube.
Cordialement Fabrice

On my channel I take a deep dive into building scale model cars of all sorts. Specializing in 1/24th and 1/25th scale kits. Mostly plastic, and also some resin models.
The models are built to unique specifications and modified to extremes sometimes.
Every now and again I also take on some 1/43rd scale models to be fully rebuilt and repainted to custom specifications.
Most recently, I have also dipped my toes into the Big Scales, 1/8th to be specific. These are built to the unique accurate specifications they where released in, with some custom touches here and there.

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Peugeot 205

Pamatujete si, jak kouzelně vypadaly všechny ty filmové vychytávky nebo auta z plakátů, které vás okouzlily jako děti? Můj kanál je pro všechny, kteří mají pořád v sobě to dětské nadšení pro úžasné věci. Tak si pojďme postavit pár svých snů.

Remember how magic looks to you – all the movie props or poster cars you were enchanted by when you were kids. Well, my channel is for those who are a still nerd inside a little. Let’s build some dreams.

Канал “Славные модели!” небольшой островок стабильности и моделизма в бескрайнем море интернета. Красивые модели, советы по сборке, живые эмоции и приятное общение – это то, что я могу гарантировать каждому своему зрителю. Сборные модели – это страсть… это желание… это хобби для души!

Salut à tous les amis ! Moi c’est Chris. Bienvenus sur ma chaîne. Passionné de modélisme, je vous partage mes montages en vidéo sur ma chaîne YouTube depuis janvier 2020. Vous pouvez également me retrouver sur le forum ainsi que sur Facebook, Instagram et TikTok. Donc si vous avez besoin d’aide pour assembler votre maquette, n’hésitez pas. À bientôt. Chris

Bienvenue sur la chaîne et bienvenue dans mon monde. Je me nomme Hillmick et je monte avec vous, chaque semaine sous forme de vidéos et de live, une ou plusieurs maquettes ou encore des modèles en vente en presse ainsi que par abonnement. Sur ma chaîne vous trouverez de l’aide et des astuces. Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas, la communauté des "loulou" et moi-même, se feront un plaisir d’y répondre ici même ou sur mes réseaux sociaux.

At the Makers Cave we build everything from electronic projects, woodworking, and of course models. We especially enjoy large scale modelling that captures all the details and magic of the build. I’ve been a Maker my entire life constantly adding new skills along the way.

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