Get to Know Optimus Prime

In the words of the most beloved Autobot…
“Greetings People of Earth”!

Recently our attention has been returning to 80’s pop-culture as we get close to the first pack of Optimus Prime. Finished packs have landed on desks and our prototype has taken pride of place in our board room.

The model is looking impressive as it stands, towering above everything else we have ever produced, watching over secret new developments. As a prototype, the model doesn’t yet have the finished glittery paint work, and his limbs and body are fixed, not yet ready to release heroic powers, but the nostalgic presence of this character is enough to engender the most powerful, heart-warming memories and emotions.

These quotes taken from the thousands of comments online sum it up:

Growing up in the 80’s, Optimus Prime was my first hero. I’ve always believed in him and what he stands for: respect, freedom, justice, and compassion. He’s been a role model for a lot of people who watched the show during the most impressionable years of our lives. I’m proud to say that I’m still a fan after all these years.

I know it sounds silly, but as a child, my number-one role model and hero was Optimus Prime. You could keep all your Marvel and DC superheroes. I had Optimus Prime! The world’s greatest leader! Even if he is only fictional. He embodied everything I believe about the world. He always makes the right decision, he always knows what to do, and he knows the value of freedom. He was my hero.

Optimus Prime is considered by many as the ultimate American hero, often likened to Captain America. His mission is to keep the peace, only taking up arms out of necessity. As leader, he judges fairly, listens to counsel and makes quick battlefield decisions, but is rarely impetuous. He is fast to forgive and slow to condemn.

Beautifully described by The Quotable Optimus Prime, “Why admire a fictional character? In a world filled with moral equivocation, waning integrity and empty materialism, why not? Optimus Prime is an archetype of heroism and leadership who has stood out as a role model to an entire generation around the world. The thousands of fans from six continents and all walks of life, attest to that fact.”

Optimus Prime not only has strength of leadership that arguably we might feel hard to find in our real everyday world, he has a dry humour reminiscent of our favourite MI6 officer:

“Fortunately, I have a delicate
lock-picking technique.”

Episode: Day of the Machines (S2E09)

Context: Prime’s “delicate” technique consists of blasting open the door.

“Your aim’s improving Megatron!”

Episode: Countdown to Extinction (S1E12)

Context: Megatron throws a boulder at Optimus Prime, but he ducks and hits Rumble instead.

He was also well ahead of his time with this one, arguable more relevant today than in 1984:

Spike: “Is it really you, Optimus Prime? I mean, really?”

Optimus Prime: “Yes Spike. This time I am definitely me… or I… myself… Oh, whoever I am.”

Episode: A Prime Problem (S2E11)

Context: The imposter has been revealed and destroyed, and the real Optimus Prime pets Spike like he’s a puppy.

And he has the same appealing charm:

Optimus Prime: “All right, let’s blast that solar needle and roll out.”

Gears: “I suppose you want me to do that.”

Optimus Prime: “Be my guest.”

Episode: Changing Gears (S2E02)

Context: Victorious, the Autobots have one duty left and it’s given by Optimus Prime to cranky Gears.

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