Scale Modelling Can Help Improve Mental Health

It’s been well documented that focusing on a hobby or a craft such as modelling can help improve mental health. But, when we receive personal emails in our inbox directly from those who have benefitted in some way from modelling, it is a moving experience.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, we would like to share a few comments that we have received this year in the hope that they might relate to others in a similar situation.

The following messages were sent to us through our recent partnership with the charity Models For Heroes, who support the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Service Personnel with the meaningful hobby of model making.

“S”: a very proud Models For Heroes volunteer

“I am living proof that M4H Saves lives. I was Medically Retired 5 Years ago with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) in my Left Knee. If it wasn't for them and my Wife, I'm really not sure where I would be, certainly not here writing this email”.


“…I cannot express how much the model building helps with personal struggles…”.


“M4H has helped me with my mental health for over 4 yrs and the improvement in my mental state is enormous”.

“M”: Sgt in the RAF a volunteer for Models for Heroes and talented multi-genre modeller

“I’m currently a Sgt in the RAF and just returned from a 6mths detachment, which if it wasn’t for model making in my downtime my mental health would of been massively impacted, having this hobby is amazing.

My thought for building the [next] model is to do it over a series of days while in work. As mental health wellbeing sessions. Where I would open it up to various station personnel (already have 6 people that are interested), where they all could come along and build part of the model.

I will also create a full magazine build article, highlighting the benefits of model making and how a hobby can help improve mental health”.phoenixscalepublications

If you are interested in finding out more about how Models For Heroes can help you or anyone you know, please visit their website

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