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This 1:200 scale model measures 4ft (1.25m) in length allowing exceptional detail and the addition of lighting and electronically moving parts.

Finished in the authentic 1941 North Atlantic camouflage from when The Bismarck took on the might of the British Navy.

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The Ship

Battleship Bismarck was designed as an improved version of earlier German Battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and featured many of the same features. However, in line with an escalator clause added to the Anglo-German Naval Agreement in 1935, allowing battleships of up to 45,000 tons to be accepted, Bismarck’s final design allowed for increased displacement – reaching 41,700 tons.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the new Bismarck was its superb capability to absorb damage. A 320-mm belt backed by a 110-120 mm sloped armour deck was considered more than enough to defeat any projectile at any distance and made the battleship practically immune in close range engagements.

The new design was wider than its predecessors, to improve stability, and longer, due to the addition of a fourth battery turret. The traditional arrangement of four twin turrets was maintained with new, powerful 38 cm main guns. Secondary artillery was the same as the Scharnhorst class, however, the single turrets amidships were upgraded to twins.

On 23 October, after conducting various tests, the ship was ready to set sail at full speed. The propulsion plant originally designed to reach 138,000 hp and 29 knots actually obtained 150,170 hp and 30.1 knots, making Bismarck one of the fastest battleships in the world, and faster than any battleship in the Royal Navy.


Your Model

The Bismarck model is over 4ft long and 1ft high, predominantly made from metal and precision injection moulded plastic. In-built electronics allows movement of gun turrets, propellers and the anchors. The model even includes lights!

No painting is required as all parts come fully painted.

Your model comes in over 1,900 quality parts with in-depth build instructions which are free to download from us at any time.

  • Motorised, rotating gun turrets with guns that can be raised or lowered, plus radar housing, all operated by infrared remote control.
  • Seven search lights, bridge lighting and red and green port and starboard indicators, plus bow and stern lighting
  • Arado AR 196 aircraft ready-to-go on catapults
  • Illuminated admiral’s bridge
  • Rotating propellers
  • Rudders and anchors that move by remote control
  • Sound of the ship’s foghorn and gunfire from the artillery
  • Open hull section giving a clear view of the port turbine compartment

Initial payment is of $64.99 followed by $69.99 per month. This is a monthly instalment plan over 24 months. Following this, you will be sent a box containing your next model parts every two months for 23 months, your card will be charged monthly.